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12 Steps to Building a Better Credit Score


1) Check Your FilesThe first step in bulding a better credit score should always be to ask for copies of your credit files from each of the major reference agencies, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.Carefully check the information they contain, making sure it’s all correct, up to date, and actually applies to you. Even small mistakes […]

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6 Easy Steps to Financial Success


Success with money means different things to different people. Some wouldn’t consider themselves financially successful until they have a million dollars in the bank, while others just want to take a yearly vacation.If you want to succeed with money, get started now by following these six steps.Step 1: Define SuccessDefine financial success. It might mean […]

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A Basic Guide to Understanding Your Credit Report


Your credit report is one of the most important documents of your life. Banks, lenders, and other businesses use your credit report to make financial decisions about whether to do business with you and how much they will charge.  A good credit report – one with positive information about your borrowing habits – leads to a […]

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Creating a Strategy To Pay Off Your Debt


A recent survey found that some 63% of Americans would be unable to handle an unexpected $500 expense, this information shocked many in the financial community.  Americans themselves, however, were far less surprised. They know that they are living paycheck to paycheck, a lifestyle that more than three-quarters of workers freely admit to.  It is also worth […]

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Emergency Fund: Your Lack Of One Is An Emergency


You hear the advice about emergency funds all the time. Experts say that you should have 3-6 months of expenses in an emergency fund to cover unexpected job loss, medical bills, or major home repairs.To someone that may be living paycheck to paycheck, saving 3-6 months of expenses seems impossible, so they don’t even start […]

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5 Steps to Break Free From Credit Card Debt


Whether anyone cares to admit it or not, the fact is that most people like to live in style with every modern convenience at their fingertips available to them right now, in the present. This outlook results in people leaving the “paying for it” part till tomorrow. The problem with this line of thinking is that […]

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